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Others of My Kind — James Sallis

admin : August 28, 2013 6:36 pm : Book Reviews

Buy this book on AmazonIf you have ever been raped as a child by your captor.  If you have ever lost your father to death before he knew you were still alive.  If you have ever sacrificed your anonymity to help another person.  If any of this, then don’t read this book.  Or, do.  In either case, you will be haunted.  I was.

James Sallis’ character in Others of My Kind – Jenny Rowan – is the spitting image of resiliency.  She is a production editor at her local public TV station, splicing together images and sound to tell stories deeper than anyone else can. As a child – unbeknownst to the staff – she had been known as Mall Girl.  Word of her sightings was nearly mythic. read more »

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